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Brisbane baby photographer

Baby Photography in Brisbane

Brisbane Baby Photographer (Sitters)

I am a passionate baby photographer in Brisbane, specialising in capturing the beauty and innocence of babies through stunning portraits. In my studio in Brisbane, I create a  welcoming environment for both babies and their families. I also offer the chance to include partners and siblings in portraits, creating memorable experiences. Book me for a session for your little sitter and create timeless moments together.

These photoshoots are designed for babies who can sit unaided between the ages of 6 months-10 months. At this age the babies just love to show off their new skills and more often than not manage to show off their beautiful smiles all the way through the baby photoshoots in Brisbane!


This is a fabulous age to photograph your baby at, not only are they growing quickly and learning new things every day, but they are starting to show their little personalities! Who wouldn't want to capture that?

Sit & smile baby photoshoots in Brisbane are also a fabulous way for baby to get used to the photographer (me!) before their big 1st birthday cake smash! a familiar face very often leads to happier, and more confident little people!

As well as placing baby into different baskets and props during the photoshoot we also let them have free reign! We just love it when they crawl towards the camera with a big smile on their little faces!

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