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Brisbane newborn photographer

Newborn photography in Brisbane

Newborn photography Brisbane

I love capturing the pure joy of newborns at my studio in Brisbane.

Being there to see the precious moments of your baby's early days is such a great experience. Whether you prefer portraits with your partner or want to include your other children, I will create a memorable newborn photo session for you and your family. They don't stay this tiny forever!  Book in for a Sitter photoshoot for a few months time when your baby can sit up unaided!


Congratulations on your baby! 


So, you’re expecting a baby and looking for a Brisbane Newborn Photographer? Well, here’s a few things you should know! 


The best time for you to have your newborn photo shoot is before your baby has reached 21 days of age. This ensures the perfect amount of time for baby to be sleepy which creates a better chance of getting those sleepy, curly poses that we all love!


I understand that it’s difficult for new parents to get out of the house so soon after having their baby but your newborn photo shoot is the perfect opportunity for you sit back, relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while I work my magic. 


Your newborn shoot will take approximately 3-4 hours in my cosy, newborn photography studio in Ipswich, Brisbane.

I have a large selection of props, wraps, headbands and colours for both little boys and little girls.  There’s no need for you to bring anything with you but I’m more than happy to incorporate your own items into the images to make them more personal if you wish. 

What to expect from your newborn photo shoot

About your newborn photography session

We are so glad you have found Pam Hart Photography in Brisbane!

Capturing your newborn baby in the first few days of their life is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, they will never be this small again. A newborn session at Pam Hart Photography in Brisbane is an investment that is worth every single penny, the photographs will be treasured forever.

The window of photographing a newborn before they begin to change is relatively small, we aim to photograph baby at our studio in Ipswich, Brisbane before they are 23 days new, this is because new babies are still lovely and flexible and tend to be extra sleepy in those first weeks, this helps us to get those beautiful curled up sleepy poses that make newborn photographs so special. 

We have extensive experience with handling, posing and photographing young babies safely, and have trained with some of the best newborn baby photographers in the country to ensure that our clients will receive not only the best images possible, but also the best experience and service at our purpose built photography studio in Ipswich, Brisbane.

Your precious baby and their safety is the absolute most important thing to us, this is why all of our newborn photoshoots are baby lead, we are specially trained to read your babies cues, to settle them and know how to keep them comfortable and content throughout the poses during the sessions.
We recommend that you provisionally book your newborn photoshoot with us from your 20 week scan, by paying a deposit this secures a session for you around your due date, then once your precious baby arrives we set a date for the session to take place within the first 2 weeks of baby's life.

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Brisbane Newborn Photographer

When to book? 


I always recommend booking your newborn photo shoot before your baby arrives, you can never book too early! I use your due date to secure your booking and ask you to contact me within 3 days of your baby’s arrival so that we can set a firm date and time for you and your family to come into the studio for your newborn session. 


If you’ve already had your baby and you’ve realised how important it is for you to capture these first few precious weeks then please get in touch and I will do my best to fit you into my diary. 


If you’d like to book a newborn photo shoot, or inquire for more details then please get in touch via the Contact page.  


I can’t wait to meet you and your new baby! 

When is the best time to book a newborn shoot?

I take a very limited number of bookings per month so I always recommend booking in advance. 
Most of my bookings are taken shortly after the 12 week scan.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my shoot?

I have a large selection of props, wraps, headbands and colours for both little boys and little girls.  There’s no need for you to bring anything with you but I’m more than happy to incorporate your own items into the images to make them more personal if you wish. 

My baby has already been born, can I still book a shoot?

Yes! I sometimes have availability for last minute inquiries in which case I can absolutely book you in! 
However, due to taking limited bookings per month my diary does fill up quickly and this isn't always possible.

How soon after my baby is born will the shoot take place?

Your newborn photo shoot will take place within 21 days of your baby being born in my photography studio which is located in Ipswich, Brisbane.

Can sibling and parent photos be included?

Yes, absolutely!

What if my baby doesn't arrive on time?

Absolutely no problem at all. 
When you book in I add your due date to my diary, I then ask you to contact me within 2-3 days of your baby being born so that we can book you in for a firm date and time.

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